HM Point of Sale Solution

HM Point of Sale (POS) System Provides

Perfect Solution for

Cafe, Restaurant and Retail business and etc.

Why choose HM POS as your Point of Sale system?


Touchscreen Design
Customized Kitchen printing
Monitor order
EFTPOS Integration

Restaurant & Bar

Save to table Map
Slip Payment


Barcode Scan
Beep and go Fast process
Stock Managemnt

HM POS provides well designed User Interface that is simple enough for everyone to use.

Our User Interface are created with the intent of being easy to understand and use. This will save your business on staff training time and minimise the chance of errors during operation. We are dedicated to providing excellence in client service and support to ensure smooth running of your business and maximise customer satisfaction.

HM POS helps your business to grow

As your business grows, HM POS is the best partner to be by your side. Our Point of Sale solutions are easy and inexpensive to scale. More importantly we provide you with the capabilities to manage and track data from multiple terminals on one platform. Allowing you to do complex data analysis, whether it is regarding sales or stock, in one simple touch. Giving your the full picture of where your business is at and where it is going.

HM POS New Zealand based service, be at your doorstep when you need it

We are based in New Zealand which means we can offer you support over the phone, the internet and in person. We provide FREE on site and online training your your business. Our service teams are ready 24/7, and with their strong retail and hospitality background you can run your business without worrying about the IT aspects of your POS and data analysis system. Giving you more time to focus on what is important.

With our strong support and market connections, HM POS will help you to better serve your customers. Allowing you to have greater customer satisfaction and experience faster growth.

Other than supporting your business with the best POS solution, we are also able to further assist your business by providing other services to boost your audiences, such as Website Solutions, Digital Marketing and EFTPOS integration.

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