HM Point of Sale Solution

HM Point of Sale (POS) System provides perfect solution for your Cafe, Restaurant and Retail business and etc.


Why choose HM POS as your Point of Sale system?

1) HM POS simple enough for everyone to use. 

 It’s very easy Touch screen based Point of Sale System for you and your team to use. “Easy” also means save  your time of training and prevent operation Errors. And HM POS Offers great client service and build a loyal and happy customer relation to boost your sales.


2) HM POS helps your business growth

As your business growth, HM POS provides best Point of Sale solution and inexpensive to scale. Managing the sales on different Terminals. Provide sales data to analysis. You will have better understanding the stage of your business growth and clear picture of what could make your business success.

3) HM POS New Zealand based Services

New Zealand based company. We provide both on site and online training services and support. Your business will be secured and supported 24/7. Rely on real people to help your business. Support team with retail and hospitality background, they will provide professional strong back end support. With HM POS strong support, you do not need to worry anything on the Point of Sale IT aspect, free your hands and time to focus on your business.

4) HM POS flywheel effect

With our tight strong support and connection, HM POS will help to serve your customer better and provide reliable business solution. Therefore healthy growth of your business will bring good reputation and more customers. Further more you will have inexpensive solution to expand your business. We also provide other Services to boost your audiences, such as Website Solutions, Digital Marketing and EFTPOS integration.